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Live in Borlänge as a student

Welcome to Borlänge, the home of ”Trevligt folk”, which means, nice people. Our city is small and wherever your housing is located, you are never far away from your classroom, from the centre of town or from it's green sorroundings.

You are within walking distance or a short bike ride from the centre of Borlänge with shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, cimemas or our green surroundings, parks, sport fields etc.

In order for you to experience your new student city and its surroundings, we organize different types of activites together with Dalarna University and our partnercompanies in Studentdalarna. These activites give you the opportunity to discover the region and create new contacts among your fellow students.

This is what students in Borlänge think about their accommodation

In Dalarna University's survey the students living in Borlänge answered the following (2022):

  • It is easy to get student accommodation at the right time: 91 % gave a postive answer to this (68 % fully and 23 % partially).
  • The student accommodation met my expectations: 94 % gave a positive answer to this (63 % fully and 33 % partially).

In Tunabyggen's survey the students living in our accomodations answered the following (2023):

  • What is your overall opinion about Tunabyggen: 90 % answered very good or good.
  • 88% answered very good or good about their opinion on the room/apartment.
  • What is your opinion about the staff at Tunabyggen Student: 95 % answered very good or good.

More about studying and living in Borlänge

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