Till innehållet
Till innehållet
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Extra queue points as a student gift

Congratulations to all students who just graduated! As a gift from Tunabyggen in Borlänge and Kopparstaden in Falun you may now have one year extra points in our housing queue’s. In order to Apply for the gift you must have fulfilled at least 120 credits at Dalarna University. You are able to apply within 6 months after completed studies. Previous housing contract with Tunabyggen or Kopparstaden is not required.

The gift is also for students of year 2022 if the application is made within six month’s after completed studies.

How to apply
Send your application via email to student@tunabyggen.se. It shall contain proof that you have fulfilled 120 credits at Dalarna University. Attach your degree certificate. Please use student gift as topic when you send in your application.

Equal for both cities
This is completely new for Tunabyggen while Kopparstaden had a similar student gift before but with some different criteria. From now on both cities will have the same student gift with equal criteria if you want to put yourself in the housing queue. Doesn’t matter if it’s Borlänge or Falun – Or both!

You are important to the region
We simply want to make it easier for you who just graduated to stay in the region and settle here. Your qualifications matter in a growing region.

Welcome to Borlänge-Falun!

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